“Permeation” is an exhibition documenting research processes, actions and workshops that took place in Oborniki Śląskie, Bagno, Rościsławice and Żmigród in early October 2016. Besides collaborating with the youth and other inhabitants of the towns and villages near Wrocław, artists, cultural animators and educators participating in the project created individual pictures rendering what is local, invisible or forgotten into a universal language. The project offered another opportunity to reconnect with the rich and chequered history of Lower Silesia, testifying to the vicissitudes of Czech, German, Polish and Silesian people, and to enquire into its present day, still deeply rooted in the past.

“Permeation” is founded on the idea of drifting, an unbounded journey steered by intuition and chance. This is a skirmish between facts and personal inclination. Between the individual subject and what has been decreed as truth. Historiography provides a significant impulse, an inspiration, but it also constitutes an instrument for preliminary terrain recognition and intuitive creation. Some of the works are focused on deformation of time and place, brought about by our memories and personalities.

Fifteen artists were invited to visit the region of rich and complex cultural and historical structure. They all responded to the big challenge: establishing communication with history, social context or found elements of landscape, personal stories and experiences of its inhabitants. Many works share the motif of drifting, walking, following intuition or yielding to premonitions, and it is only eventually that they reveal their meanings to the artists. Apart from melancholy and fleeting memories, there are stories focusing on our spirituality, sin, redemption and human weakness. On the other hand, some pieces are devoted to human strength and the cult of it, social divisions. Some of the works have been inspired by field recording, land art or experiments with space perception.

This multilayered and diverse story constitutes an attempt at taking a creative approach to social tissue, still being constructed, at re-interpreting the cultural legacy of these special places, at drawing a mental map of this region. Subjective stories about time and space, presenting the here and now, permeate what is hidden in memory or blocked out. Distance and spatial relations undergo deformation. Streets dimensions, interior angles, colours and textures are all transformed as time passes. Proportions and meanings of space and emotions alter. There are numerous happy, tragic and completely neutral places on maps of life. The number of reproductions of the world, recording changing reality day in day out, is infinite…


Organizers: Centre for Culture and Art in Wrocław – Cultural Institution by the Government of the Lower Silesian Voivodship, Wrocław Contemporary Museum
Co-organizers: Oborniki Śląskie District, Cultural Centre in Żmigród
Partners: Department of Promotion and Non-Governmental Organizations in Oborniki Śląskie, Pęgowo Progress Association, Student Council at the M. Rataj Gymnasium in Żmigród, Westa Theatre in Żmigród
Patronage: Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodship, Mayor of the Żmigród District

The project is subsidized by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and the Government of the Lower Silesian Voivodship