For all ready to stimulate their visual imagination, we have prepared especially for the Museum Night a new edition of Self-service Museum. Hundreds of photo quotations – hundreds of elements of the image – are located on a panoramic surface (32 metres wide). Each piece is movable and its position can be passed from one place to another. By entering the relation with the installation, we are able to practice the freedom of expression, typical of contemporary artists.

The background of the large-format print produces additional exhibition space of WCM. To the need of the game, we have printed three sets of big reusable stickers. The first one presents the surroundings of the bunker, the second one is with motifs of the space inside the museum, the third one is with elements that will be used to build artistic installation of your own. By moving the elements of the collage we can create countless visual compositions. Manipulating the huge collage can take form of an unfettered game, at the same time inciting a reflection on a structure of a visual art work, on the substance of an image. The two-dimensional collage enables visual combinations that would be impossible to appear in a three-dimensional space.

The panorama and its components have been designed by Patrycja Mastej, the co-author of ‘Interactive Playground’ (produced by Wro Art Center), presented with a cultural award wARTo by ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ in 2008.