The installation made of glass and financial newspapers has a form of a circle – the symbol of authority, law, perfection as well as the mutable ways of fortune. The surface of the circle is covered with layers of broken glass, under which there are pages of newspapers with stock exchange listings. Cold, broken and sharp glass does not symbolise anything good. It is just the contrary, it says that a carefree financial game is dangerous and it can bury not only “players” but also ordinary people.

The title of the exhibition “All Revolutions Were Unforeseen” is principally a warning against the consequences of current politics and an uncontrolled game on the so called “free market”: factories shut down and are moved to places where labour cost is cheaper and the rights of capitalists are more important than fate of a simple man. This is exactly the “free market”, in which neoliberals believe like in God; the “free market” that impoverishes our society and blames it for the crisis. Such flagrant injustice may have very serious consequences – revolutions often end up in blood, and – just as the title of the exhibition points it out – they are unforeseen.

Sonia Rolak

The title of the exhibition is a quotation from a talk delivered by Zygmunt Bauman during a conference in Trento, Italy. The installation made of glass and paper plus some other works that will be presented by the artist constitute a commentary to the present socio-political situation in the world. Sonia Rolak draws our attention to fragility and delusiveness of the economic system. It is to evoke our reflection on economic inequality and social injustice, reaction to which may one day take on a mass, revolutionary form. “Occupy” movement is an example of such social movements. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of meetings – lectures, discussions and film screenings – under a common name “WE’RE LEAVING!”