Light Spectrum / Exposure to Colour is a series of sensual interactive scenographies held in the Self-service Museum and accompanied by an educational programme.

As part of a several-year cycle, we together explore aspects of subsequent colours in the visible light spectrum. Each colour is characterised by a different frequency and energy, which we experience through our presence in the interactive scenography space. We invite everyone, regardless of age, to play freely and intuitively.

What do you feel when you think of orange?

The interactive scenography Exposure to Colour. Orange is a multi-sensory space of perception of the colour orange. It is a place to experiment and find out how colour can be experienced first-hand. By awakening the whole body and engaging all senses, we develop creativity, explore our relationship boundaries and increase natural vitality while having fun together.

The scenography consists of six interactive zones that enable you to freely explore the space and play games that strengthen relationships.

The obverse of taste
Find someone willing to play. Choose one tile each. On its back you will find a list of ingredients. Your task is to use them to compose a dish and then come up with a story explaining how it was originally created. Give your imagination free rein – anything is possible.

A planet of honey
Look into the peephole to secretly observe inhabitants of another planet and get inspired by the unfettered freedom of their habits. Find someone willing to play. Take one honey tile – on the other side you will find the list of ingredients of an otherworldly dish. What is it called? Your task is to come up with how the dish was invented. In this strange land, anything goes!

Wheel of relationships
How do you feel in the presence of other people? Do you prefer to be close to them, or do you keep your distance? Step out of your comfort zone and test your limits. Invite the other person to stand in the centre of a circle drawn on the floor. Feel with your body what it is like when your zone overlaps with theirs, when you get closer or increase the distance. Which of these experiences are enjoyable and which ones make you uncomfortable?

The sound of orange
Can sound have colour? Prick up your ears and listen to orange. Where have the paths of your imagination taken you? Open up to a story about how the colour of the setting sun can affect us.

Orange is the colour of vitality! Awaken your spirit of fun. Practice jumping on springy balls in sync with your friends. Grab your hula-hoop and let your body move you. Make your own game rules. Pass them on!

Nose to nose
Do you know the Inuit nose-to-nose greeting? Take one of the many nose-shaped elements and bring your nose close to it. Who comes to your mind when you smell the fragrance?

vitality, relationships, creativity, joy, enthusiasm

Authors of interactive scenographies:

Patrycja Mastej /
visual artist, illustrator, designer of interactive exhibitions, painter

She works as an assistant professor at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. Since 2012, she has cooperated with Wrocław Contemporary Museum, where she initiates and prepares interactive exhibitions in the “Self-service Museum” series. She works in the area of contemporary art and design. Co-laureate of the 2009 wARTo Cultural Award for the “Interactive Playground” project. She shows cyclical personal exhibitions in which she examines processes connected with memory and body awareness using the creative method of Butoh dancers.

Magdalena Skowrońska /
psychologist, art historian, designer of interactive exhibitions

In 2014–2017 she was the curator of the educational programme at Wrocław Contemporary Museum. In 2015–2017 she cooperated with the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław as a lecturer in Art Mediation. She constantly develops professionally by expanding her range of psychotherapeutic skills, with particular emphasis on body psychotherapy used in art, during sensual workshops and in work with clients.

The opening was accompanied by an organoleptic installation rife with vitamin C. It was a refreshing and surprising celebration of vitality, joy, creativity and sensuality. Orange, mandarin, carrot, pumpkin and many interesting creatures will play the main role.

The organoleptic installation was prepared by Michalina Kostecka, a visual artist, florist, head of company Plantera. One of her life missions is to transform all that she has experienced into a culinary adventure.

The Light Spectrum project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund – a state special purpose fund.

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