As seen from the tram windows, the section of Legnicka Street from Jana Pawła Square up to Strzegomski Square slips away almost unnoticed.
This rytmitised with grey blocks of flats and colourful billboards part of the city is Szczepin, still unknown to many city dwellers. This seemingly boring space hides many surprises.
On the second floor of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum its photographic quotations have been placed, which provide the backdrop for the 32-meter long Panorama of the Self-service Museum. The work with the visuality of the housing estate is the continuation of the subject undertaken on the occasion of the previous scene of “Szczepin In The Icing Of LUXUS” installation accompanying the LUXUS group’s exhibition.
The present edition of the panorama draws out attention to the creative potential of the estate and encourages us to think about it in an unconventional way. The Self-service Museum proposes to disenchant Szczepin by means of a free, creative play. Outwardly homogenous, grey housing estate will be transformed with the use of non-obvious visual elements. The inhabitants of the city will have a chance to compose the estate panorama anew and design the urban tissue on their own.
Using the space of the Self-service Museum is free of charge and available to everyone, without any age limits and during the Museum’s opening hours.
The Author of the cycle:
Partycja Mastej, the co-author of the “Interactive Playing Ground” (production: WRO Art Centre), awarded the wARTo cultural prize in 2008.