‘By Own Measure II’

Exhibition by the students and graduates of Photography at University of Arts in Poznań

The exhibition presents a selection of works created in the recent years at Photography studios of the University of Arts in Poznań. The works, created in the course of studies or as diplomas, are a sort of an artistic début, the beginning of the young people’s artistic path.

The exhibition relates to the risk of the individual view on reality, taken by the authors. It tells about establishing a distance to a collective measure, a joint necessary in a life of every group. Mentioned collective measure, if applied in art, as a rule remains in opposition to every piece that would comprise it. What counts, most of all, is what is individual.

The exhibition’s title refers to both an individual measure in relation to each presented work, and an own measure which, according to the curators, constitutes an important way of teaching art – photography at the University of Arts in Poznań. Certain tension between the individual and the collective is present in all works presented at the exhibition. Young artists often take actions in which the element of autothematism is strongly emphasized.

The character of art is almost always autothematic. It is a means of individual expression despite a common, safe measure of the collective. In the featured works, their authors often use their own self and direct, personal associations, thanks to which their realizations gain power and authenticity.

Piotr Wołyński