Interactive journey to the space of building a painting.

Before the invention of photography, the best way to record visual experience was painting. The process of building up a painting was based on putting one layer of paint on another. Today, in the era of Photoshop, we equally efficiently paint with photography. Pictures from different sources can serve us as layers, component parts of one painting.

“Layers of colours” is a proprietary educational application – a tool for developing visual thinking which introduces the participants into the world of basic colours and the essentials of composition. In the interactive application we can place multi-threaded elements, set in groups of six basic colours, against six fields in contrasting colours. The game enables building individualised picture stories, no matter what manual skills of the participants are.
By setting together the motifs which would not meet in a 3D space, we discover surprising connections between them. Atypical protagonists of the compositions we are making can freely move between colourful sceneries, change their sizes and setting, and become half visible. At any time we can stop the script of the story we are building and save it on our computer.