It’s a 4th edition of artistic struggles with a concrete space of a shelter at Strzegomski Sq.

Four proposals, five brave participants and aviaries made available for them by the Wrocław Contemporary Museum. This is, in a nutshell, what awaits you during the vernissage. The final shape of the exhibition will be known by then, because the exhibitors themselves decide on how to use the space they were given.

Katarzyna Kulpa and Romand Ciepliński plan to exhibit painting that uncover the covered and covers the uncovered. Hubert Bujak will also use the medium of painting but it will be in a context of his sculptural works, binding it together with his fascination with surrealism and expressionism. Anna Bujak will show a mysterious follow-up to the sculptural series ‘Archaeology of Forms’. Linda Cieniawska will use video works, inspired by her grandmother’s memories of the World War Two times and resettlements to the west, that express the remorse of the older generation that are imposed on us and the attempt to break free from them.