It is the 5th time when Wrocław Contemporary Museum opens the exhibition space that escapes the curator activity. This time, six talented artists will submit their work for public review, and – what is most important – the expositions will be prepared by them from beginning to end. The aviaries have been made available to the exhibitioners only, and thanks to that their thoughts and ideas will be passed on the audience directly, without the curator’s involvement. Each exposition is the effect of individual interests of the project participants.

Magdalena Czerniawska looks at the problem of freedom in a modern society. Zuza Dyrda focuses on strategies of the reception of surroundings and she uses there the experimental methods of scientific cognition. Aga Gotowała will analyse a Freudian mechanism of denial. Anna Różycka will show the visitors the works from the boundaries of design, sculpture and installation, and Maria Stożek will reach for the imagery of passing in a context of a physical abandonment.
A performance “Between the verticals of life aorta” by Piotr Pasiewicz will be a special event that should picture the biological life processes with the use of the language of art.