Earth hides a host of meanings in itself. It is a synonym of safety, although what lies beneath its surface triggers associations with the mysterious sphere of the

subconscious. Earth also has an enormous creative potential, whose potency gives rise to life in an innumerable multitude of forms.

The newest edition of the interactive installation by Patrycja Mastej in the Self-service Museum will provide the visitors with a deep, multisensory experience. Immersed in earth, we will awaken our sight, touch, smell and hearing by means of subtle stimuli. As a result, we will become more sensitive to intuitive experiencing of art in other MWW exhibitions.

Using the space of the Self-service Museum is free of charge and available to everyone, without any age limits and during the Museum’s opening hours.

The Author of the cycle: Partycja Mastej, the co-author of the “Interactive Playing Ground” (production: WRO Art Centre), awarded the wARTo cultural prize in 2008.