You have a brilliant idea. Everything’s the way it’s supposed to be – it’s wise, mature, its form fits the content. You can say – a perfect idea.
For some reason, the idea isn’t implemented. Maybe in a year? Maybe I’ll be more confident then? Maybe I’ll be able to find appropriate language then? Maybe I’ll find a sufficient amount of money as well? Maybe I’ll get rid of all these fears that THEY don’t have – all those talented go-getters? Maybe I’ll manage not to give up such important things in life such as children and family? Maybe this time, I’ll get a scholarship…
About what’s blocking us and why ideas sometimes remain only on paper. About fear, inability, searching for language, the feeling of senselessness, about escaping and hiding. About returning the questions about who we are and if being an artist makes sense?
We invited six authors who will use their individual projects in the spaces of the Wrocław Contemporary Museum to participate in the exhibition to tell us about their own, often hidden, creative blocks.
Main organizer:
TIFF Festival
Wrocław – the meeting place
Wrocław Contemporary Museum
The exhibition is a part of
TIFF Festival // Resources
Co-financed by City of Wrocław