Interactive scenography, Currentlevel 2
Od 09.03.2023 do 31.12.2023

Interactive scenography, Currentlevel 2

Spectrum of Light. Exposure to Colour is a series of sensual interactive settings in the space of the Self-service Museum, accompanied by an educational programme.

As part of the several-year series, we explore the qualities of the successive colours of the visible light spectrum. Each colour is characterised by a different frequency and energy, which we experience through our presence in the interactive scenography. We invite everyone, regardless of age, to play freely and intuitively.



What do you feel when you think of the colour yellow?

The interactive setting Exposure to Colour. Yellow is a space for experimenting with how you experience colour. The setting consists of interactive zones that will allow you to spontaneously explore the space and experience the colour through kinetic activities. By stimulating your body and engaging your senses, you will have a chance to develop a sense of personal power, your own individuality and authenticity.

Power creations

Express your individuality and compose a unique costume to show the world how you feel when you are in a great mood and at your best. Use the moving pictures and other pieces of clothing to create a set that will complement your costume. Stand next to another person and see what it’s like when you both feel equally important.

In glamour and glory

Yellow is also the colour of controlling energy and cultivating your inner dignity. Sit on the throne and feel in your body what it’s like to bask in glory. Observe your inner wellbeing. Do you feel softness and freedom? Or perhaps you sit stiff and feel like giving orders?

A mountain to move

What if you were omnipotent? What would you do? Play strongman and start “moving mountains” alone or as a couple! Exercise your arm and leg muscles that are responsible for your sense of self-efficacy.

Straight to the goal

Test your power in a fun activity. Pick a ball with the words “my goal” on it, hold it in your hand for a while and visualise what it is that you want. Then place it in the exhibition space. Take the second ball with the inscription “my energy” and focus on the goal. Don’t stop until you hit it. Exercise your willpower. The goal can also be shared!

Yellow story

Listen to a story about the qualities carried by the colour yellow, about its dark and bright sides and what it can teach us. Prick up your ears and listen to the tones of yellow.

Powerful words

Well-chosen words can help you name what you wish for. Use the magnetic elements to create a spell – your own power phrase. Express your will and help yourself to uncompromisingly stand up for your authenticity.



power, confidence, willpower, authenticity, achieving goals, happine


orzeł w koronie, biało - czerwony pasek

The Light Spectrum project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund – a state special purpose fund


il. P. Mastej

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